Old blog archive: 19 August 2003


And it ROCKS. *beams* Kinko’s is so awesome! (No, I didn’t buy it, and there aren’t any in production anywhere–but you can make your own!) I have an “old” white v-neck babydoll-ish shirt (it’s “ish” because when you’re 5’9″ and of average weight, and not petite and super-skinny as the term implies, babydoll isn’t quite the right term to use) that was fading just a bit, so I bought a replacement at a sale last week and decided to convert this into a PoDW shirt–so I took the logo from the World Book, rescanned it at 300 dpi, and put it on a floppy and took it to Kinkos and had them make it about 7, 7 1/2 inches in height and width, and I got it back yesterday–the grey was just a little lighter than on the logo, but that made it look much better, almost like one of those really cool old-school cartoon shirts you can find at Hot Topic or something. :o) (I was almost tempted to figure out how to turn it into a ringer tee. *grin*) And I struck up a conversation with the guy at the counter–rather, he struck it up with me, and it went something like this:

Guy: “Where did you find that logo?”
Me: “It’s from a cartoon, actually.”
Guy: “Yeah, I know, I remember the show. I really would love to make a Thundercats shirt.”
Me, grinning: “Yeah…yeah, I’m a huge fan of the cartoon.”
Guy: “Yeah, I remember watching it when I was younger. So where did you find the logo?”
Me: “I found it in an RPG book.”
Guy: “Oh, okay. Yeah, I remember that one guy…” *grins reminiscently* “The one with an almost Jamaican accent…”

At this point I almost broke out laughing–I never would’ve thought of Ioz’s accent as almost Jamaican. ;o)

But yeah. PODW SHIRT! I’m wearing it Thursday–I’d have worn it today, but I want to make sure the maximum amount of people can see it, to see how many other closet Dark Water fans I can find (I’ve even found a couple via my Niddler action figure on top of my monitor, when my roommates invite friends over). My evening class is canceled tonight, but is in session Thursday, and this class, being orchestra rehearsal, has close to 100 people in it, a good number of whom are SF/fantasy fans to some degree. *grin*

Wheee, Dragon*Con is going to ROCK now. (It’d have rocked anyway, but I actually have something to wear! And maybe people’ll recognize it!) I was tempted to try and make a color one, so I can wear one Saturday and one Sunday (by far the 2 biggest days of the con–Friday’s all right, and Monday’s just dead)…but it’s okay. ;o)

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