Old blog archive: 26 August 2003

A few new things to add…

New PoDW art at Elfwood. (Stylized Tula, eeeeee…) And the tour’s coming together–it was Leia‘s idea, and she’s putting it together. :o)

New PoDW quiz at Quizilla. (It’s rated “mature” because it includes the word “bitch.” Seriously, it’s harmless. And freaking hilarious, quiz and images alike. ;o) )

New Niddler plush for me! *beams* Jenn is a really bad influence, but with really good intentions…I gave her my logon info so she could try and bid on it for me, since I couldn’t be online when the auction ended (I’m amazed the person who initially bid on it didn’t set a higher max bid, even just in case–I was so afraid there’d be a bid war in the last few minutes the auction was open and it’d get too expensive and go past $20)–she’s going to pay for it and I’m paying her back “in a few easy installments,” so my parents won’t find out I’m “blowing money on this crap.” There’s also a 27″x40″ poster in great condition that I’ve got my eye on…that’s coming up next. ;o) She herself admits what a bad influence she is, since this was completely her idea that she pay for these and I pay her back, but if it gets me rare PoDW merchandise there’s no way I’m complaining. *grin*

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