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Another new thing: new poster. And it’s in! Jenn’s bringing it to work today. *dances*

So the list of things I should be doing…

– putting in problem reports for work
– actually writing up a report for the meeting I’m skipping so I can go to class (that sounds off somehow… :P)
– reading for aforementioned class
– doing Japanese homework due tomorow
– setting up my Thinkpad I got for work, figuring out how to hook up the token ring card, and downloading needed work-related software (like Photoshop–bwahahaha!)
– writing rather necessary letters (or postcards) to a couple of people

But instead? I’m posting here, about Dragon*Con.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. I was PoDW Girl and tried dropping the series’s name wherever I could–I (unconsciously) mentioned PoDW a lot (and probably drove my friends up the wall, hehe), and like I mentioned on the main page, I brought up Tula in a panel on the evolution of women in SF…I unfortunately stumbled and didn’t say what I wanted to, but a lot of people there were familiar with the series, which was excellent. (The panel was such a joke, though. The people running it–the ladies were pretty much embittered by the SF of old, and they disregarded pretty much everything but Farscape–Dana Scully didn’t even come up till about 2 minutes till the end–and they really downplayed the roles of women in high-ranking positions on older TV series, as well as spinoff shows devoted to female characters. Two of my friends and I–the three of us all girls–have decided that we could very easily run a SF/fantasy panel on our own. I’ve got animation and some movies, Emily’s got more movies, as well as American and British books and TV and comics, and Jenn’s got movies, books, comics, and video games. And we aren’t embittered. Honestly, it was ridiculous sitting there and disagreeing with like 5 out of 6 points the panelists were making.)

We also talked about doing a panel on 80s/90s animation, which I’m pretty familiar with. PoDW’s my big thing, but I was (of course) a huge fan of She-Ra and Jem and Thundercats, and I remember the Centurions and Thundarr and SwatKATS: The Radical Squadron, and a bunch more. That would be really, truly awesome…I really want to suggest it to D*C, to up Dark Water’s presence at the con in any way I can, and to make people remember, and because those were the golden days of kids’ action cartoons. Everything these days is trying too hard to emulate anime (not that anime’s bad, I’m a big fan of several series and movies myself–but it’s its own genre, and American animation should try to be unique and compete with it independently, not by pretending to be it) or is caught in that godawful Bruce Vick animation style (Batman, Superman, etc.–the originals were bad enough, with all the stereotypically buff men with extremely disproportionate 4-foot shoulders and all the stereotypically ueber-petite women, but the Justice League, which tries to use that style, is just so damn sloppy, and it’s seriously painful for me to watch). The new He-Man series is the only series I’ve seen that I approve of in terms of animation and content. And that’s another thing–even though shows may look pretty, they’re nothing like what we grew up on. Those were serious cartoons. People bash Hanna-Barbera for being too old-fashioned and formulaic, but those are the shows you grew up on, too. And they did come out with some amazing material.

*glances around self-consciously and steps down from the soapbox, shoving it aside* ;o)

Anyway, back to D*C…oh, I wore my PoDW shirt Saturday and Monday…oh yeah! Photo!

Got that Monday afternoon in the bathroom mirror at home. ;o) Sorry if it’s a bit dark (and I know it looks like I’m pitching sideways, but I’m just sort of leaning on the counter), but you get the idea. Whee for digicams! Anyway, I wore it two days, and I got several comments on it, and noticed a bunch of people at least glancing at it. *grin* I think the best one was when I was walking into the Regency room Saturday morning, and I overheard one guy sitting by the doors to the room blurt out to his friend, “Dude, cool, she’s got on a Pirates of Dark Water shirt!” The people who commented on it were vendors in the dealer’s room and one or two people in the art show–I remember actually explaining why the series got canceled and what happened with it to the guy watching over the prints section. :o) Nobody commented on it on Monday–I should’ve worn it Sunday, I really should’ve…I ended up winning 3rd place in the Star Wars track’s trivia contest (the top 3 were all girls! Go Star Wars Chicks!), and they took a group photo with the winners and the celebrities/comic reps/etc. that were asking the questions, and it might go in the Star Wars Insider. It’d have been SO COOL if I had my PoDW shirt on and that photo got published in a magazine with such a huge following of devoted SF fans…eh, oh well.

So I have 2 1/2 hours to get started on the above list before…I’d like to make a decent dent in it. Since this pretty much was all that went on at D*C related to PoDW, I’ll just leave this off here. :o)

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