Old blog archive: 10 September 2003

I’ve had a little Tula-bangs-curl by my left ear for the past couple of weeks. A little tuft of hair is naturally curling up in this little ringlet right by my ear, and I see it and it makes me smile. ;o)

Still haven’t had time to take photos of the poster or of Niddler…hopefully this weekend. I really need to get cracking on that merchandise section–someone posted some awesome photos of an actual official PoDW shirt at the forum. Those, plus the action figures and the video games and all the other stuff that we know exists…

No word on the comic, either. He said he sent the preview over a week ago, and I know it’s coming from California to Atlanta, but it should’ve arrived by now. Apparently the comic’s being issued a week from today, too. I need to bug some of my friends to take a trip to any comic stores downtown or near their houses, since I know some of them are die-hard comic addicts. Or if any of you read this and make regular trips to comic stores, could you check and let me know? Or if you know anyone who went to Comic-Con, specifically the Marvel Epic table? I have no proof of this other than what this guy’s been saying, and I’m still doubting a little that it’s real because he hasn’t shown me anything credible yet. I’m trying to think positively, but I don’t want to get my hopes up and then feel like a dumbass because he pulled the wool over my eyes.

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