Old blog archive: 30 September 2003

Okay, so this irks me a little. 😛 A guy posts a couple of images at a forum, one of which is a piece of fanart off this site. (I keep up with my stats fairly well because I like looking at where people post images from this site at, because it’s fun to see people’s reactions to remembering the show and stuff.) Then he quotes the show as being from the 80s, and when someone contradicts him, he links to 3 other PoDW sites that apparently said it’s from the 80s (but not to mine, which is sort of weird since you’d think he’d have gotten that image from stopping by my site…and that sounds really really vain, but that’s not what I’m trying to sound like. ^^; It’s a common mistake to call PoDW an 80s cartoon because it came out so early in the 90s, so I’m not trying to slander anyone else either–I have this really distinct memory of kids in my 5th grade class, in 1991, talking about the show, so that’s what I’ve always sort of gone with).

But then he starts bitching about how none of the fan sites are accurate. Er, where did you get that fanart image you linked from? Did you think about poking around the site you got that image from to see if anything was there? Sheesh. 😛 I know everything I have here is accurate–er, mostly *rolls eyes at the recent comic saga*–so it does kind of bug me that after all the hard work I put into making sure I provide as much and as accurate information as I can (and I’m sure it’s the same for the other webmasters), someone’ll just make some stupid offhand comment that sort of insults us all en masse like that. I’m so tempted to register and post and go, “Um, excuse me, not quite.” Except I won’t because I’m not that much of a geek. Though I REALLY am tempted. ^^;

Anyway, off to rehearsal now, so enough bitching from me. *angelic look*

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