Old blog archive: 12 November 2003

*chokes* I’m going through old weblog entries/archives, to try and compile a list of “memories” posts (just posts of memorable moments), and I found this lovely one, from February 8, 2002…relevant excerpt posted below.

    I also had a very disturbing dream last night related to Pirates of Dark Water… *coughs* I was watching TV and there was a documentary related to PoDW, so of course I tuned in. ;o) And it was all about how PoDW was made specifically to introduce American audiences to a homosexual animated cast, and talked about how Ren was openly gay and all this other stuff, and threw around all these literary criticism terms (I specifically mention there was a female narrator with a very calm voice), and showed clips from the show (some of which were actually from there that I could remember, others that were most definitely not)–nothing overly gratuitous…though what I found funny were that they showed a couple of the scenes where he and Tula were hugging and being all lovey-dovey, and somehow twisted those to show he was still homosexual. It made no sense, and now that I think about it, it’s actually rather funny…but…then I overheard someone saying how much they REALLY wanted to write some decent Ren-Ioz slash after watching that. *seriously gags*

That cracks me up. 😀 And I think the reason I was “gagging” at the dream was just the prospect of someone doing a documentary trying to yaoi-ify a show and characters I know like the back of my hand. And unnecessary slash/yaoi rather bug me–I totally support homosexuality, so that’s not the problem all. But putting characters of the same sex just because same-sex couples are seen as “sexy”, when there really isn’t any indication that there’s anything between them…you know? I feel like Ren and Ioz have a very brotherly relationship and cameraderie–Ren looks up to Ioz as someone who’s seen the world and can give him good advice, and Ioz has been “won over” by Ren’s kindness and the strength of his will and his heart, and is very big brotherly towards him, in terms of backing him up in moments of conflict…and so on and so forth. I’ve never seen any indications of slash between them, so it bugs me when I see stuff like “OMGWTF lyk Ren/Ioz wud be so hawwwtt!!1kthxbye” (that was painful to type) that’s there just because they think two fairly masculine men in a gay relationship would be “hawwwtt,” and not because there’s any real basis for the couple.

Anyway… *steps down off soapbox*

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