Old blog archive: 19 November 2003

All the really cool stuff seems to come in waves or something–eeee! *grins* When I was on campus yesterday, Jenn IMd me to let me know there was a new post at the forum–so I checked, thinking it was something she’d posted, but instead, Heidi Bosch, who used to work for HB from 88-96 (meaning, PoDW was made while she was there, and she actually did get to work on it a little) had posted this.

(Just because I’ve replied doesn’t mean I’m buying what she’s offering, so if you’re interested, DEFINITELY e-mail her!…not that I’m not tempted, because I REALLY am 😀 but I really don’t want to “hog” all this from other fans, which I may have inadvertently done in the past, just because I REALLY wanted whatever it was that was being sold, and I’ve always got this complex that I’m afraid nobody else will take as good care of it or get as much out of it as I will, but I’m just weird/selfish…plus, while I probably could afford it, I really shouldn’t blow as much as I think the auction plus all of what she’s offering would all end up costing, which’ll be well over $100.)

Excuse me while I have a silent “fangirl” moment. ;o)

She’s also offered to answer any questions about the show I have, or to ask her friends who were more involved with the show if she can’t answer them herself (I recognize their names from the credits! AND she’s worked directly with Iwao Takamoto and Joe Barbera!)…I really need to work on getting a coherent list compiled. :o) There’ve been all these little “…?”s running around in my head over the years, but I’ve never really thought about jotting them down. Of course, major ones will be exactly why the show was canceled (expensive production, kids not watching, Fil-Cartoons’s bankrupty and shutting down a major Filipino studio during the show’s production, rumored death of scriptwriter?), and how the show was meant to end, and/or if she knows if any planning or work was done on those elusive “missing” episodes. But there are bunches more. *grin* I mean, HB is a legend. People bash it for making “uncreative” and “boring” cartoons–but of those people, I’ll bet every single one of them grew up on on Scooby-Doo and The Flintstones and The Jetsons and Yogi Bear and all the other legendary animated characters and series that HB produced.

Just…wow. *grin* I think just talking to someone who worked on the show is just as valuable to me, if not more so, than what they produced. The imagination comes from the people who produced it, and we see it through the end product, but it comes from them.

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