Old blog archive: 15 December 2003

Wow, been a while since I posted here. But something happened Friday that made me think of this journal again. ;o) I was hanging out with a couple of guys (one I met on Friendster–he messaged me because one of the photos I have up there is the one of me in my PoDW shirt–and it turned out we actually had met years and years ago; the other was a friend of his who knows somebody I know) at Starbucks, when (the gist of) this conversation happened:

W: You have a lot of websites–how many do you have?
Me: Well, a lot of them are just part of my domain–I have a bunch of fanlistings, a Pirates of Dark Water site…
W: *grin* Oh yeah. *turns to P* She has, like, THE biggest and most extensive Pirates of Dark Water website.
Me: *kind of shyly* Yeah, it’s #1 on Google.
P: *blank look* Pirates of Dark Water? Is that the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean?

*facepalm* (which was pretty much our reaction ;o))

The “holy shit” auction from 2 posts back–I lost it, but I’m in touch with the guy who won it (he was gracious enough to e-mail me and to offer to donate a copy of the files to the site–I think he’s going to scan them in bit by bit, which is freaking AWESOME), and it’s full of very, very, very cool stuff. Over 200 pages of storyboards (that was what really got me) and a lot of other concept material–and he won another auction for original Hanna-Barbera style guides and stuff from 10 series, one of which is PoDW, so he’s really gotten lucky. :o)

Oh, and I made a few animated .gif’s last week, because I got bored. ;o) I discovered that some software that came with my system allows me to screencap from certain file types, so…oh, and I’d recommend that you (right-click and) save, instead of just (left-clicking and) viewing, because they load faster off your system than in your browser.

ioz-opera.gif – longtime gag with several of my friends, a.k.a. Smitha is a freaking huge dork. 😀
jenna-ren1.gif – the scene where Jenna gives Ren the sword. I’ve always adored this moment; it’s incredibly symbolic in terms of many of the mythological and epic tales, because Ren’s receiving more than just his father’s sword–Jenna’s passing the whole legacy of Primus and Octopon, and the throne (in a sense), and the Quest and just all of it. A very pivotal and moving and well-executed moment.
ren-destiny.gif – from “Victory,” when Ren’s raising his fist at the very end. I’ve always loved this moment–I had to shrink it because I screencapped DarkWaterFan’s version, which was really blurry and unclear.
podw-opening.gif – I LOVE the opening. Those first 5 scenes are breathtakingly gorgeous…and then they go and show the inside of the Maelstrom and ruin it. 😛 I made this almost like a promo, except not really.
podw-logo.gif – oooh, shiny. ;o)

And the RPG’s kicked off at the forum (FINALLY). It’s definitely not too late to join if you’re still interested!

But anyway, back to work. Stupid, stupid Mondays!

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