Old blog archive: 20 December 2003

Should I apply for a Pirates of Dark Water fanlisting? I’m this close to applying for one for Niddler, but I’d love to run one for Tula too…but I’m afraid that’d open a can of worms, and I’d find myself applying for one for, I don’t know, the symbol on the pendant of Alomar’s necklace, or the other half of Ren’s sword, or something incredibly obscure and odd like that. *sheepish grin* Plus, if anyone else wants to run them, I totally am for other people creating websites for this stuff because it means there’d be more original Dark Water content online…but…gah.

Anyway, I’ve got enough web projects on my plate–creating a fanlisting collective (and putting together a new fanlisting–I gave in and finally applied for one of my favorite Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors characters, Shiten/Anubis, just now), helping a friend with a design for her domain that I’ve been promising to do for months now, actually putting together a more functional “about me” section instead of the text-only thing I have now, and other revamps, because it’s really been a long time since I’ve redesigned any of my sites. Of course, PoDW and the domain are staying the same…I’ve been throwing around a few ideas for my weblog, I want to redo and re-launch Star Wars Meets Anime with a slightly different focus…so much to do, so little time. Christmas break starts officially for me on Christmas itself, since I work till 8 PM Christmas Eve, and I have a week and a half after that, during which I have several books to read and several videos to watch and a lot of packing to do, since I move back on campus January 2nd.

And now I’m just rambling. But anyway. *grin*

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