Old blog archive: 29 December 2003

I checked my referral logs and saw that I got a hit from this site.

If I understand correctly, Raichert Media is the company that a guy named Laine Raichert heads (or is it Lane?). Mr. Raichert was the writer for several of the episodes. Meaning, someone who did a considerable amount of work on the show found my site and LINKED TO ME.

Not that this is much more momentous compared to the fact that in the past few years, I’ve talked with the conceptual artist of the show and another HB employee during the Kirschner era who assisted on the show, both of whom have shed a lot of light on what it was like to work on the show and to work for HB during the show’s production (especially talking to Heidi Bosch, that was very eye-opening, about the studio, how the atmosphere changed once David Kirschner headed it, and what Kirschner was really like), but just actually being linked makes me excited. Cool! :o)

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