Old blog archive: 05 January 2004

I’m so tempted to give in and buy myself piratesofdarkwater.com(edit #1: .net, because that band out of Austin that calls themselves The Pirates of Darkwater bought it, grr :P)…I’m also still so tempted to set up a Dark Water fanlisting or two. But I know I shouldn’t, or at least not yet–I’ve still got all these other web projects I need to work on, and school just started up again (as did work–I’ve now been roped into working 1-2 weeks longer than I thought I would *groan*…I’m here now, killing time till 6, when I leave).

A neat moment from yesterday–I went out to dinner with a few friends, including the Friendster guy from a few entries below, and I had my Dark Water shirt on for no real reason. One of the people at dinner was a girl named Smitha, which also happens to be my name, and we were joke-arguing over who should be Smitha and who should be SmithB, because any time Will said anything to her, I kept thinking he was talking to me. 😛 She insisted she should be Smitha because Will’d known her longer, but he pointed out that he and I had met 10 years ago, and he talked to me on Friendster before he ever met her, and I commented that the shirt I was wearing was what made him message me, and he went, “Aww, that’s the shirt that brought us together!” Dark Water brings people together, folks. *grin*

Now that I’m back on campus, I really want to try my hand at converting the whole site over to PHP–that would make site-wide cosmetic and minor content changes a hell of a lot easier. I know very rudimentary PHP, I got a friend to help me with setting up the comic section…but from that, I think I have an idea of the language’s scope, and I have an idea of the sorts of algorithms I’d need to completely convert the site over.

Oh, happy (belated) new year and holiday season. :o) I’ll hopefully update pretty soon.

(edit #2: holy crap, wow. I’m searching dotster.com to look for possible domain names, and some of the alternates it listed are superhero-cartoon(s).com, animated-film.com, cartoon-film.com, game-companies.com…that’s very impressive.)

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