Old blog archive: 21 January 2004

For my reference…stuff I’d like to get done either in the next update or soon…

– as soon as I install PSP, resize all the thumbnails I captured yesterday of Leia’s screencaps
– put up said screencaps
– put up Aqua’s fanart and Japanese PoDW ad (so FREAKING AWESOME! I’m in the process of slowly translating it, thanks to Jenn’s amazingly helpful Kodansha furigana and kanji jissho)
– reorganize the screencap image sections, or re-code them in PHP so there’s the option of sorting by submitter or sorting by character/theme (which makes more sense, I don’t know why I didn’t sort them that way to begin with)
– fan registry update

I’m also tempted to do my main fanlisting collective layout with a PoDW image and give up on the Samurai Troopers one I’m doing currently, because even though I do like that layout, I’m getting stuck on the background and am wanting to integrate some sakura/cherry blossoms into it somehow and am failing miserably.

And I’m totally totally putting off doing anything productive right now. 😛 All that PoDW stuff is definitely not getting done in one sitting, and I have no idea if I’ll be doing any of it tonight or not. I do know that I’m a lot busier this term than I realized, but I’d love to start working on the merchandise section some more and would love to start new sections (video games, etc.) and update existing sections with new info (profiles–include info on voice actors, include my own detailed analyses of the characters, maybe include new profiles of non-major characters and just leave out the stats). Ambition, ambition…but all this other stuff comes first–like reading (UGH UGH UGH Postmodernism) and other sites (GTSO–actually, I should update that now…and Yeechi’s domain)…and this was really scatterbrained, but it makes sense to me, so deal. 😛

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