Old blog archive: 09 February 2004

*jaw DROPS*

Over 100 hits today to this site. I’ve noticed that my traffic’s been spiking–my average has been around 55-60 for a while, but I started getting more and more hits, and my average broke 70 last week as my hit count grew steadily, and it jumped today.


I feel obligated to update now, though. ^^; Like, I don’t want to let my audience down by making them think I’m neglecting the site. But this weekend I’ve poured hours (at least 10-15 by now) into beginning a (very very long overdue) revamp of another site, which I want to focus on till I finish it (which, if I’m able to put 5 hours a day into it, will probably take the rest of this week)…after that, I totally intend to start regularly updating my other sites again.

But yeah, thank you for visiting!! I have no idea what caused this spike in hits, but if it means more people remember the show and want to learn more about it, I’m all for it. :o)

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