Old blog archive: 12 February 2004

This is something that’s surprised me every time it’s happened. People have talked about wanting to produce some sort of PoDW-related content and have asked me to help them out–and then they ask me for stuff I don’t have–concept artwork, documentation from the show’s planning stages (not counting the Series Bible, I mean, and that’s online), images and multimedia…and it really surprises me that they would think that I have this stuff but just decided, for whatever reason, to hold out on everybody stopping by my site and not put it up.

Do webmasters/webmistresses of sites devoted to other series/movies do that? I’m asking that genuinely, because I’d really be shocked if they did–I mean no offense to the people who’ve asked me this sort of thing (including the person who IMd me this afternoon, which is what prompted this post). Is it really rare that I, as the webmistress of a comprehensive site about an old cartoon, have every intention of putting up everything that I come across and/or obtain? It just surprises me that people would think I have such awesome stuff (I wish I did) and am purposely not putting it up. The show’s been dead for over 10 years–even if it may be potentially classified material, if I haven’t been explicitly instructed to not share it with anybody, I’ll put it up and be sure to put up disclaimers asking people to contact me if I’m violating some copyright by having it up. I mean, I do that with all the content I have up right now.

And granted, right now, I don’t have everything up that I have in my possession. And that’s because I’m too damn busy to find the time to put it all up. I lost all my scans of the last 2 issues of the comics when I reformatted my machine in January. Some friends have screencapped a bunch of new images, and I do have then uploaded, but just not up “publicly”–i.e., not up on the images section, though they’re linked off the forums. (And of those, I’m probably only putting half up because the quality of quite a few of them was too contrasted or blurry. There are even some images I have up that I’m thinking of taking down because they have those “pause-lines” across them that sort of ruin them.) A girl sent me a big scan of a Japanese PoDW ad (that I started translating a while ago but haven’t had time to finish). And they’ll ALL be going up as soon as I finish revamping my creative “informal portfolio” site (now that I’ve started, I HAVE to keep working on it or it WON’T get done, that’s just how I am–I mean, look at my progress on the PoDW episode summaries, I haven’t written a new one in at least a year, maybe even two :P) and start updating my other sites again.

Okay, and maybe another reason some stuff may not be up–like DWF’s captures of the episodes–is due to bandwidth issues. But other people have contacted me about transferring the files to them so that they can share them on the filesharing networks or maybe even host them themselves, so I’m definitely not doing it out of “spite.” My bandwidth usage has noticeably spiked in the last month or two–I never use more than 5 or 6 gigs a month, but it’s definitely picking up, and this account has a 10-gig max, so I’ve got to be careful.

So yeah–let me state this on the record. *grin* What’s on the site is almost everything I own, and what isn’t up will go up soon. There’s a bunch more I would LOVE to do with this site, and a bunch more content I’d LOVE to create, but it hasn’t been done yet. When it’s done, it’ll go up on the site as soon as I’m able to get up, bandwidth permitting.

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