Old blog archive: 28 May 2004

I’m alive…just keeping myself busy. I’m taking a class and doing my senior thesis (I’m an undergrad; my major requires a final project/paper–I’m surprised that so many people think I’m getting my masters when I use the word “thesis,” but anyway), and I’m writing for our campus newspaper, and taking an art class starting in mid-June, and either interning with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra or doing a 3-hour classical music program for Georgia Tech’s radio station, WREK. On top of all that, I now have a 30-minute commute each way. Whew!

Anyway. *cough* So I’m kind of a geek–I’d stopped by a prof’s office on Wednesday to get some help with something, and we ended up talking for 45 minutes, and I mentioned PoDW to her, which she sounded really interested in, or at least fascinated by the concept–her expertise is on religion and the sacred, and looking at how these older beliefs and cultures influence the modern world (or something like that, anyway), and she had some really interesting commentary to provide.

I can’t believe I never noticed this before, after all the classes I’ve taken that talked about it…but in multiple religions, water is a very important symbol, a symbol for life. That makes the show all the more intriguing now, since the world revolves around the water, and the Dark Water is now even more menacing, because it’s a very evil twist on this really pure concept.

And Ren was a lighthouse keeper. He’s in charge of light, a universally good signal. It makes Jenna’s line, “You’ve spent your youth tending the flame of this lighthouse. Now you will be the guiding light for all Octopon,” incredibly symbolic. HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THAT??

Oh wow oh wow oh wow. 😀 I really wish I were taking her “The Sacred In Art And Literature” class…holy crap…

Anyway–as a good deed, I lent her my copy of The Saga Begins after class today, and she seemed really excited to watch it (or maybe just excited that I took the initiative to get into extracurricular stuff like this?), and said she’ll get it back to me by Wednesday. I hope she likes it!

In other news, I’ll be sitting on at least a couple of animation panels at Dragon*Con 2004. I’m really excited about this! I contacted the head of the animation track to express my interest, so there’s a chance there will be panels on women in animation, as well as classic cartoons from the 80s/90s, both of which I suggested. I’ll post updates as I get them. :o)

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