Old blog archive: 14 June 2004

You know…sometimes I really wonder if the ghost of Primus has to fight the urge to smack his over-idealistic son upside the head for being too good.

(Prompted by finishing up the captions for comics 8 and 9…in the end, he “seeks to restore the balance” between himself and the enemies that upset the balance, instead of bringing them to justice when he has the PERFECT opportunity to turn them in. Ren, you frigging MORON. I mean, for the most part I understand and respect his decisions because he’s really rational about them, but this is just idiocy!)

Anyway–the comics are the biggest update; I’ve got several little things to gather together and put up, too. Some new fanart, new links, “unexplored” submissions (maybe…lately, people mainly try to use it as an avenue to compare it to other shows and discuss plans to get it back on the air, when that section’s supposed to be about the actual plot–I guess I just need to be clearer), registry submission, fan works (a very unconventional but cool one this time, a gift a person made for a friend :D)…and I think I need a special “bulletin” section or something, like “where to find PoDW,” which would pertain to where on TV you can watch it, and where you can download or buy the episodes, too. Need to figure that out. I also really need a portable USB stick–a quicker and easier way to move files (like website directories ready for upload) than CD-RWs are…

I should probably also mention that this journal gets updated a little more than the rest of the site does, so people can check in here for updates and planning and stuff… ^^;

Anyway–just picked up Song of Susannah (book 6 of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, which came out last Tuesday; our public library system has 4 copies and I snagged the last available one :D) this afternoon; I’m off to go read some more. So, so good so far!

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