Old blog archive: 22 June 2004

OMG. FRENCH DARK WATER POSTER. (I love referral hits–saw the poster on a thread of a French messageboard that’d linked to my site, whee!)

http://albator.com.fr/AlWebSite/maquette.php?Id=dessins35.php – scroll down to the bottom.

And another link to check out, when I’m at a computer that I can download files onto, just in case that might be the French theme song: (June 23) This link has the music from the original Dark Water opening! 😀 It’s a French site, so look for “tourbillon noir” instead of “dark water.”


The French title of the show is “Le tourbillon noir”–I took Spanish in high school, but I know enough French to know that “noir” is “black”–I looked up “tourbillon” and it means “vortex” or “whirlpool” or “whirlwind.” Interesting. 😀

I know the Spanish title is “Las Piratas de Aguas Negras,” which is a literal translation: “Pirates of Black Waters.”

I got an e-mail from a guy in Denmark (thanks, Allan!) who let me know that the title there is “Piraterne fra det m�rke hav”–I need to e-mail him back and ask him to break it down word for word.

I’ve also got a Japanese ad with the title on it…the Japanese IME isn’t installed on this machine, so I can’t type the katakana characters, but the ad lists the title as “da-ku uo-ta” (“Dark Water”), which could just be for the miniseries, but I really don’t know.

Eee, this is so cool. 😀 I’ve got to mention something on the main page asking for international info on the show–I idly thought about it before, but I don’t know why I never put more effort into it! Or if anybody who’s seen a non-English version of the show reads this, could you comment with the show’s title and any other info you think might be relevant (if any names of characters or places or things are different, maybe even the voice actors if you know who they are)? Thank you so much!

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