Old blog archive: 04 July 2004

So…am I really that intimidating?

I have a few things that I’ve sort of established that I don’t like–guys (and girls–heh, I just got an IM asking if I’m a lesbian; I’d better amend my contact page :P) hitting on me, people e-mailing me with questions that are covered in the FAQ (they actually are frequently asked), and people direct-linking to files off this site, as the three main things. (I’m also a bit of a Chatspeak Nazi, but when it comes to responding to e-mails from visitors, I generally suck it in and am nice to them because I know that they took the time to contact me to talk about the show or my site, which I really appreciate–I just can’t stand chatspeak because it seems like the people using it are deliberately trying to sound stupid; I don’t mean using all lower-case and/or selective punctuation, but I mean “wut r u doin” and stuff like that.) Those are fairly reasonable things to not like, right? I always feel bad posting announcements about those things on the main page, but they were getting a little out of hand, which was why I felt the need to.

But after I do, people will e-mail me saying something and adding something like, “I hope you won’t get mad about ___,” or “Don’t worry, I’m not ___,” at the end. And that bothers me, in the sense that I’m worried that people think I’m going to blow up at them in my responses to them. (In reality, I’m usually pretty apologetic with them, because I feel bad for having to post announcements about that stuff on the main page to begin with.)

So please, don’t hesitate to e-mail me. (I like to think) I’m friendly and sociable and stuff, and I’m definitely not going to bite your head off–I love hearing from people and talking about the show. But I’m not always Miss Happy-Go-Lucky about everything–my site uses about 7 gigs of bandwidth per month, so I have to crack down on people who may inadvertently use up more than I have. And I’ve been hit on ever since I first got online, just by virtue of being female and single and Indian and into SF/fantasy, so…just…no. And the FAQ’s there because it makes things easier for you AND for me. I have to draw the line somewhere, right?

But…yeah, just thought I’d get that out in the open. I’m not intimidating, I swear. ^^;;

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