Old blog archive: 23 October 2004

You know, it’s really depressing to go back through my links and delete/comment out almost every third link on the page because they’re all broken. We need MORE content online, not LESS… 🙁

And check this out–the very first RPG group, the MIT Assassins’ Guild, had a PoDW RPG group! I have a friend doing her masters/Ph.D up there right now…I’ll have to ask her to see if she might know anything about it, or anyone who may have participated. *grin*

And note to self: video game hints/cheats page.

And yes, I just finished working on this update at 4 AM. In my defense, I didn’t get home till 12:30, but that’s still about 3 1/2 hours spent on this tonight. *cringes* I wouldn’t mind, except I keep thinking, “I could’ve used that time to apply for jobs…” Ugh, anyway…I go sleep now.

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