Old blog archive: 02 January 2005

I forgot to post about this–I now own one of the Pizza Hut PoDW cups! The Maelstrom one, and the cap has the Compass on it–with a hole in the top, so you can string some string through it and wear it around your neck. SO COOL. I’ve heard about these but never saw a photo before. I’ll have to take a photo (or five) and post it/them online soon.

And when we were driving to a New Years party (my parents, grandmother, brother, and me), we were trying to find the house, and my mom pointed one out, and my brother went, “No, that’s not it–it has dark w–” and broke off for some reason (he meant to say dark windows). And, of all people, my dad (the one I least expected to say it) goes, “Dark water–Pirates of Dark Water!”

I had to immediately go, “You said it, not me!” so he wouldn’t try to accuse me of being overly obsessed with it or something. 😛 But still, that’s awesome–I’ve inundated my family in Star Wars and PoDW long enough that it’s now stuck for good. That, coupled with Mom seeing a candle a couple of years ago with Princess Jasmine from Aladdin on it and asking me if that was “my girl, that Pirates of Dark Water girl”…whee. 😀

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