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I just had a bit of a quiet thrill. I tried running a PoDW search using Google’s “groups” option, which searches archived newsgroup threads…and there were discussions of the show dating back to the early 90s, some right after the show’s cancelation (in mid-93), and even some during the run of the show. For example:

    Sep 8 1992, 6:58 am

    “I saw the episode of Pirates of Dark Water this Saturday, and didn’t like it. The series has taken a MAJOR turn for the worse with their introduction of the “Darkdweller”–the creature who supposedly “lives at the center of the earth” and is basically a walking mass of dark water with a face. How ridiculous can you get?! The series started off great, with Ren’s quest to find all the treasures, his companions, their characterization, etc. But the introduction of this “Darkdweller” smacks too strongly of one of those “eternal villains” cartoons are always having–the kind who, no matter what the hero does or how badly he beats them, will always come back to pester him.

    “It looks like from now on Ren will be dealing with TWO villains–Bloth,
    AND the Darkdweller. Ugh.

    “Up to now, nobody knew what the motivating force was behind Dark Water.
    I wish they’d kept the mystery.”

And a few more like that, too. (Someone replies to that to say that they had to make the Dark Dweller known, because the series was expected to be canceled there and the villain had to be apparent before it was axed. I never even thought about that…it just seemed fitting to have this big piece of the mystery unfold as Ren retraced the final steps that his father had 17 years earlier. (Too bad the Dark Dweller’s such a pathetic excuse for a supervillain, though! So much potential considering the buildup of the series so far, but in the end, you have this black blob with a face that spouts cliches… :P)) I’m just intrigued that they kept referring to episodes 6-13 as “the last 8,” since at that time, it wasn’t even known that there would be 8 more episodes. It was running commentary during the time of the show–how awesome! Even I couldn’t have gotten involved in that, as much as I now wish I could have, because I didn’t see the show in its entirety until 1994, on Cartoon Network.

It’s just awesome–I keep forgetting that newsgroups actually were around that long ago, since the first time I ever got online (not counting AOL/Prodigy/CompuServe) was in 1995, and I always considered AOL and “the internet” to be two very different things, and always preferred AOL over anything else. (This was when I was young and naive and didn’t know any better, you see.)

And someone else pointed out similarities between PoDW and Treasure Planet, saying that Treasure Planet was inspired by a pitch David Kirschner gave in 1997 (and Disney somehow ended up getting the rights to it anyway). Interesting…I’ve heard that Titan A.E. (which actually was 100% a Kirschner idea) is a retelling of the PoDW story, and have wanted to explore that. I wasn’t that impressed with TP (the really bad integration of 2D and 3D really grated on me, because the styles were far too dissimilar, and none of the characters won me over at all), but I’ll have to give that another shot, too.

Ooh, and there’s a rumor that there was supposed to be a 2nd series of action figures, in which Tula would have been included, but it was never produced. (Grr.)

And another tidbit…the show was deemed too extravagantly expensive (already knew that) and turned over (I’m assuming for episodes 14-21) to Mario Piluso’s team (Jonny Quest and the Cyber Insects–oh, god…I loved the original 60s JQ episodes, and the late 90s ones were all right, but the 80s ones were terrible) to save money, except that he ended up screwing up the budget and the show, which led to the show’s cancelation. HB claimed that Mario “couldn’t achieve the quality we were after” with the reduced budget. Well, duh.

(Haha–someone posted to alt.sex.stories in 1997 with a “StOrY rEqUeSt” asking for PoDW sex stories. And got no replies.)

Haha, this has been awesome. :o) (And now I have an hour left to kill till Sunday…if I stay up long enough, I can get in my update at midnight. w00t.)

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