Old blog archive: 29 May 2005

I was going to post a vent here about people using the one image I don’t want people to use, and doing so without my permission, but eh.

So I realized that Episode 3 (Star Wars episode 3, I mean) really leaves me feeling haunted and depressed once it’s done. I just can’t get The Scene at the end–you know the one, I don’t have to say which one–out of my head, and just thinking about it makes me tear up. And yet I go watch it again anyway (4th time earlier today, 5th time tomorrow), even though I know it’ll leave me feeling depressed for the rest of my day.

So I turned on PoDW, because that usually cheers me up–but then the PoDW/Star Wars parallels started coming out, and I started wondering if there was some similar earth-shattering tragedy (well, besides the Dark Dweller actually shattering the earth of the ocean floor to release the Dark Water, haha) that took place between Primus and Bloth or something…I mean, Bloth does hate Primus, right? You can see parallels between them and Vader/Obi-Wan in many ways. And then that started to depress me, too.

On a completely unrelated note…what’s the pooka-looka thing about in The Beast And The Bell? I wonder if they were going to try for a food-of-the-episode thing for Niddler, only to realize that minga-melons were so catchy with the kiddies that it just stuck…

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