Old blog archive: 27 June 2005

I came across a LiveJournal in my referral logs that had this stunning quote in it (made by someone who’s never seen the show, mind you):

“I wish this were an anime.”

I was really taken aback by that. But since the person hasn’t seen it, it’s (just a little) more acceptable than if s/he were familiar with the show, I think. I’m just honestly tired of the anime hype…it’s to the point where people think it’s not possible for anyone else in the world to come out with an animation piece/series/film that’s as original and well-done. And Kirschner/HB made this amazing series, which PRECEDED the worldwide anime craze by MANY years, and it’s a piece which (IMO) could compete with quite a few anime contendors today, and it has no anime influence. At all.

I had to post a response to that person’e entry. Hopefully s/he won’t be too freaked out. 😛 I just can’t believe that anime has become the be-all-end-all of traditional/2D animation for people anymore, when there’s so much more that can be done with the medium. I’m speaking as someone who enjoys several series and films–though I refuse to call myself an “anime fan” because of the meaning that carries with it, and feel free to flame me for that, but it’s true that “anime fan” in many cases in the US carries the same meaning that “otaku” does in Japan–but I’m a little tired of all of it. Even newer western series, like Teen Titans or Avatar: The Last Airbender, borrow elements or just full-on copy the style from the east, and it bothers me that they couldn’t be more original and create something new.

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