Old blog archive: 24 October 2005

Hey! I’m alive…wow, it’s been a while. I would assume that anyone who does read this on a semi-regular basis has come here via one of my other websites, but if not, I haven’t updated in (almost exactly) 4 months because I quit my web design job and moved to Japan to teach English for a year. I also turned 24 during that time, so I have to update this info (and probably revamp this journal–geez, this layout’s drab) I’ve been in Japan for…wow. Exactly 3 months, almost to the hour. (It’s 3 more days till my 3-month anniversary of moving to this town, if you want to be technical.)

Well, let’s see…I just set up internet access last week. And I wasted no time–I checked eBay a little while after first signing on, and I stumbled across an incredible find: a Ren PoDW Halloween costume. And I won it! It should hopefully be making its way to my parents’ house back home…maybe I should warn them to keep an eye out for it. It was a hilarious costume, though…instead of Ren’s actual costume, the torso is yellow with a picture of Ren holding his sword and the PoDW logo in the background, and the pants are bright blue. Priceless!

Speaking of eBay, there was something I didn’t win but that I’m getting anyway…I’d tried to bid on this book of Pirates of Dark Water style guides at least a year ago, and e-mailed the winner to see if I could somehow still get a copy. Well, time went by and I completely forgot, but he didn’t: he’s scanned them all and is in the process of mailing me his PSD (Photoshop) files of the scans! And they’re gorgeous. I’ll be editing and uploading them with the next update.

To be honest, now that I’m on a laptop and not a desktop (and now that I live in freaking rural Japan instead of the slightly more mundane metropolis Atlanta), it’s harder to motivate myself to work on my site. Part of it’s the fact that there are many other things I’d rather be doing than spending full weekends on my computer (er, this past one didn’t count because I was making up for lost time), and part of it’s probably a posture thing…editing my site was much easier when I could sit in a chair at a desk, but my apartment’s small enough that a real desk isn’t feasible, and I sit on the floor when using my laptop. It’s going to be interesting to see how I do any future web or graphic design or digital illustration work over the next 9 months.

But seeing how this is a journal devoted to PoDW as well as animation in general, I’m sure I can come up with something to write about, considering how much anime is on TV here. I should probably revamp this journal to reflect that slightly new focus, but we’ll see.

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