100-word PoDW fanfic

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the sweetest and most moving. There has never been a lot of PoDW fanfic out there, but in a search, I discovered Shades, LadyNero’s PoDW-themed Fanfic 100 entry, and was really impressed–it’s one of the better ones I’ve read.

Episodes back up at toongeek.com

I got an e-mail from Joe at ToonGeek.com – his site recently underwent a massive space/bandwidth upgrade, and he has all 21 episodes up in medium-quality WMV format. For those of you who haven’t been able to download the massive 4-gig BitTorrent file of all 21, this is definitely the way to go! Each episode is 15-16 megs–far more reasonable, still decent quality, and easier to handle for people on slow connections or who can’t/won’t use BitTorrent.
Joe’s trying this out on a trial basis to see how his resources will handle it. Please be considerate and RIGHT-CLICK EACH LINK AND SAVE EACH FILE. Don’t just view the episodes directly off his server. He’s hosting dozens of other large video files (fans of The Centurions, Thundercats, and Conan the Adventurer should check his site out), and only has all 21 up on a trial basis.

Real-life PoDW sighting

In Osaka this weekend, I saw a Japanese guy who actually looked a lot like Ren. He’d bleached his hair blonde and gotten some kind of artificial tanning done (okay, so admittedly, he was a little more orange than Ren), and he wore his hair long, and I think it was in a ponytail. As soon as it clicked, I almost burst out laughing. Awesome.