I’m an idiot, or things I haven’t noticed in my 10+ years of being an obsessive fan

I’ll spare you guys (all…none of you who actually read this, pfft) the long list that I’m sure I’m going to be updating continuously, now that I seem to be watching the show with a brand-new set of eyes.

The Quest:
– When Bloth is raving about how Ren losing the Treasure is his (Bloth’s) victory, he elbows Konk in the face. I only saw Konk reeling but never noticed that before.
– When Ioz asks Ren which way the Compass points, he puts his left hand on his hip and ends up elbowing Tula, who jerks slightly and seems to give him a surprised look (my copy’s too small to make out her expression).

The Dagron Master:
– When the attack dagrons rip through the sail and fly past Tula at the beginning, I NEVER noticed that Ioz was standing on the pole holding up the crow’s nest, and was knocked off by the dagrons, but managed to grab on and was swinging wildly around up there. Wow.

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