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What a totally random and nostalgic find! Project 2612 is a site devoted to archiving and sharing soundtrack music from Sega Genesis/MegaDrive games, and I just stumbled across their archive of music for the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive game. I bought (well, my parents bought for me) the PoDW Sega Genesis game in 1994, when I was in middle school. I have to admit that I did really enjoy this music when I played the game regularly then and during high school. The music is not at all related to the show’s score, but even now, it’s really not bad at all…there are definitely cheesy moments (boss battles, for example), but it’s all right. It’s been years since I’ve played it, and this brings back memories. The music is in .vgz format, but the site has a variety of plug-ins available for quite a few media players. I’m currently using the WinAmp plug-in and it works like a charm.

To the best of my ability, here’s a track listing:
1. Citadel (some of the rooms)
2. Citadel (some of the rooms)
3. Citadel (final room, where you collect the Compass)
5. Transition music
6. Title screen
7. Boss fight?
8. Menu screen
9. Andorus (inside the building)?
10. Janda Town
11. Game Over
12. Andorus?
13. Mantus boss fight?
14. Joat boss fight?
15. Boss fight?
16. Maelstrom?
17. Sunken Bridge
19. End sequence/credits
20. Opening sequence

Now if only it were possible to find an actual soundtrack for the show…that would be truly awesome. I remember e-mailing Tom Chase, one of the two composers of the show’s music (the other being Steve Rucker), many years ago after discovering his website, and he actually replied, saying that there was unfortunately no soundtrack or sheet music score available for the show.

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