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There is every chance that this could be outdated–I’m finally on the verge* of putting the site online, but all that remains is ironing out the issues with the WordPress template for the index blog, and actually putting up all the content updates. Maria Deninska very kindly sent me an e-mail in November that I’m only now putting up, and in it, she passed on the great news that PoDW is on the air in Bulgaria! (That would explain the large number of hits from Bulgaria that this site has gotten. I was really curious about that.)

PoDW is airing on the national channel, Kanal 1, during the JETIX animation programming block. There’s more info at the Bulgarian-language website for the TV channel. The series is on every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 AM, Eastern European time. However, I just checked it today and didn’t see the name listed. I’m not at all familiar with Bulgarian, though, so I could be mistaken.

Here’s an article on PoDW written for its 10th anniversary by Nenko Genov, a big fan in Bulgaria who I’m friends with and who’s sent some really good contributions for the site over the years.

* “on the verge” = “another 6 months from now”…sorry it’s taken so long! I’m the webmaster and graphic designer of my prefecture’s JET group, and I’ve had a lot on my plate lately

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