I’ve decided to go ahead and import all the entries from the old “obsessive PoDW fangirl heyday” blog (and I finished as of 2:45 AM, early Monday! Thank god we have Monday off). I’m faced with the burden of formatting and publishing each one individually, to add a subject line and remove excessive HTML and the like (and remove the name of former employers which I stupidly referenced by name)…not bothering with broken image tags or old e-mail addresses, though. The only way to contact me these days is through the contact page, which I think/hope you all know.

Referencing the “obsessive fangirl” bit from above…there are some truly choice (and by choice, I mean horribly humiliating) things I wrote 5-6 years ago. My whole online writing style back then was a lot sillier and online-dorky, and I actually wrote a post in September 2001 saying that I would gladly take Dark Water over Osama Bin Laden any day (I’ve made it a private post for now, so nobody can read it and laugh at me, and while I decide if I should delete it or save it for a laugh sometime way down the road)–but I guess that’s part of growing up, right? I’ve gone through a lot since then (college graduation, starting to work, moving abroad, having friends and relatives pass away, other sobering/maturing experiences), and I’m just five years older–everyone’s always growing and changing, though, so I really shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I’m just really self-conscious, and also really critical of unhealthily obsessive fans that give us more well-rounded fans a bad name…and I’m now realizing that I used to be one of those fans. I guess I need to lighten up, though.

Anyway…I’m debating now about formatting and importing all my old website updates (from the updates.html pages)…but I’m thinking that’ll come later, after the more important stuff goes up. Right now, all that’s left is putting up the updates that have been amassing in my e-mail inbox for the last year, and the site will be ready to go live. If you hadn’t noticed already (which I’m guessing is nearly all of you, because I don’t think anyone actually visits this blog–hah!), this is the new layout, but the links don’t work. For the two or three of you who do visit–surprise!

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