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I swear, I am a 25-year-old human being of the female variety. It’s simultaneously funny and frustrating that, despite different indicators across the site that point to the webmaster being a girl, people still make that mistake. I understand that my name, which appears at the bottom of every page in the disclaimer, is one that many western readers won’t have come across–that’s because it’s Indian, as am I. It’s a very common Indian female first name. Run the name of Smitha through Google Images if you don’t believe me.

But I also don’t understand why people assume a webmaster is male if the gender isn’t immediately obvious (and I HAVE had it in the FAQ for several years, actually–“Your site’s awesome, man!“/”Thank you! But I’m female, actually”). I think the content I wrote for the site years ago is most decidedly effeminate in tone (just click “the old blog” in the category/tag list and read the older entries to see for yourself), though I’m not very girly by nature and my writing style’s become less superfluous and more focused as the years have gone on. Occasionally, though, if I gush about something geeky or just awesome, there’s seriously no way to think I’m male.

Want more proof? Here’s me in a print club booth with some friends, and with the other female cast members of this year’s musical (added 05apr2007 because the previous image wasn’t that flattering; I’m in the purple fleece to the lower right). See? Totally female.

I hope this clears things up, though I don’t doubt that people will continue to make this mistake in the future. I just wish people wouldn’t assume when there’s no reason at all to make that assumption.

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