The premise: a handful of mystical treasures are scattered across a land from their original post, bringing darkness everywhere. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy journeys with a girl in touch with nature and her pet bird, and a strong, broadsword-wielding older man, to recover these treasures.

And guess what? I’m not describing PoDW!

There’s this anime I’ve caught on TV a few times–I’d never really paid attention past seeing that the art’s pretty. It’s called Deltra Quest or something along those lines. Instead of Ren’s pouch and the secret niche on the Wraith, there’s a magic belt that the main character wears that the seven scattered jewels are fit into. They’ve found the first two as of today’s episode.

I simultaneously am amused and annoyed by shows that completely rip off the PoDW premise, most likely inadvertently, and then get a lot more attention than PoDW ever did.

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