Oh my god, finally

…er, that is, the new site is LIVE! It’s taken long enough, and I really hope it was worth the wait, and I apologize for taking nearly a year to get it going. Thank you so much for your patience!

It’s nearly 3 AM and I have to wake up in 4 hours (“oh yeah, I’ll have the site uploaded in 20 minutes!” Three hours later…), so here’s a really brief list of the changes. (Keep in mind that there are still things I need to add, but I got sick of the site stagnating on my computer and wanted to finally push it live.) As always, please let me know ASAP if anything is off.

(Oh, I should also add that I’m still at least a month behind on my e-mail–acting in our prefecture’s annual musical and pouring hours into the planning/publicity design, working as our prefectural English teacher group’s webmaster, and traveling for ~2 weeks are to blame, among many other things. I’ll totally reply you all soon!)

Now for the list of updates…

Overall: I’ve implemented standards-compliant XHTML/CSS sitewide and redesigned the site graphics and layout (obviously), as well as changing some of the organization of the site. The index page now uses WordPress, and I incorporated the old Blogger blog into it. Scroll below and use the links to the right to browse recent entries. (And may I direct your attention to the one titled “Just for the record,” two entries down? Just because, well, you know.) I also did away with the news section, because this will cover that as well, if any news should arise.

Information: there’s a separate section for international info, and there are Bulgarian and Portuguese language updates.

FAQ: updated.

Images: slightly updated the hierarchy/structure.

Comics: after many requests, .zip files of each issue’s pages are now available. These can easily be renamed from .zip to .cbz or whatever else to use with comic book viewing software.

Downloads: I added links to sites offering PoDW downloads to the respective pages (video and audio, for the BitTorrent downloads and Sega video game music), and there are two new submitted wallpapers from the webmaster of FantasyAnime.com, with more on the way (from me).

Merchandise: Updated some descriptions and added info on the Niddler Halloween costume.

Rarities: this is short enough to fit into the navigation, though the section is still “Buried Treasure.” There’s a big update here–a bunch of pages from the PoDW style guides, courtesy of Jake!

Unexplored: five or six new entries (don’t blame me, it’s late)

Fan Registry: gone. The info was horribly outdated, and I really don’t know if anyone truly used that site anyway. There have been some submissions and info update requests recently, and I appreciate it–I think there are just better ways to accomplish the same thing, with less hassle. I’ll hopefully be trying a few of those out.

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