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Please bear with me as I get all the errors ironed out (for example, the “main” link actually works now–thanks, Rob; I’d forgotten that the WordPress-generated index page was a .php file, while I’d been linking directly to the nonexistent index.html).

Also, big props to Justin for uploading the files in DivX format to DivX.com’s Stage6 site! I’ve added that to the sidebar, as well as the link to YouTube user TheDML’s videos, because he’s finished uploading all 21 episodes in chunks.

And something else: Sally found this link on BarnesAndNoble.com to a PoDW book of some kind, written by Julie Stedman. Do any of you know what this might be? I know there was a customizable children’s book years ago, where you could submit your child’s name (or your own!) and it would be worked into the story. I never bought a copy, though, so that’s all I know. I’m not sure if this is the same as that or not.

I’ve also made a new page for a Washington Post newspaper article on David Kirschner and Dark Water that Chris sent me some time back. I’d posted the full text of it as a previous blog entry, but since a lot of people probably missed that, it’s up here now. It’s a must-read–there’s some very interesting content on the symbolism of the show in here.

And I’ve been working on wallpapers using the concept art from the style guides–I’ve finished two designs and uploaded them. There’ll definitely be more on the way!

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