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I didn’t think to write this before. I haven’t heard of anyone having issues with it just yet, but this is just in case.

Now that I’ve implemented WordPress on the index page of the site, the URL is no longer That will take you to a broken URL. Please don’t link directly to that! The actual index page is at

If you link to this site, please just link to, and leave off the index.* at the end. Thank you!

In other news…nothing PoDW-related to report, not really. Life’s been pretty busy here–lots of traveling over spring break (Okinawa, South Korea, Nagasaki) and this past week (the southeastern coast and point of Shikoku, Muroto-Misaki), and beginning the process of closure with Japan, since I leave in three months.

I rewatched Titan AE a couple of weeks ago and started writing a post about it, which I never finished and still have saved, waiting for me to continue it. I’d like to do some kind of commentary/analysis of the two, because Titan is a David Kirschner-produced film and has quite a bit in common with PoDW. Please let me know if you have anything to contribute!

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