Action figure help, and some possible DVD info (or lack thereof)

Someone recently acquired the Wraith toy, but he can’t get the two base parts to snap together, and is looking for some advice from someone who also owns this (I don’t). If you do own this and are willing to offer up some advice, please send me an e-mail and I’ll put you in touch with him. Thank you!

Also from the same guy–someone on the forums claims that the PoDW masters have become dirty and damaged by moisture (very strange, considering the show’s relatively young), and said that the show was apparently slated for a 2008 release but that it’s been pushed back due to the masters having to be restored. I have no idea how credible a source he or his own sources are. He cites Earl Kress’s blog as having written something about the Banana Splits Adventure Hour (though there’s no mention of PoDW)–but it turns out Kress (a writer, among many other things, for quite a few animated series over the years) had posted a list of 2007 Hanna-Barbera DVD releases last September, so I definitely will be watching his website to see what else he posts, since he has a lot of information on many classic Hanna-Barbera toons, and had ties to the studio itself.

(Thanks, Nathan!)

Oh, and on a more personal note…I’ve booked my one-way plane ticket back to Atlanta. I’ll be moving back to the US on August 16th. From June onwards, life will be pretty hectic for several months–from now onwards, even, since I’m starting to look for jobs for mid-September right now. I’m not looking forward to leaving all this, but I’m looking forward to getting back into my area. It’s been an incredible ride so far, though.

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