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I love my referral logs. SiteMeter has never let me down!

Found on the TelevisionWithoutPity forums (where there’s a lot of love for this show–gratifying, considering the title of the site):

“One of the big things I remember about the show was that the five-episode pilot drew a larger female audience than the producers had expected; The strong female lead probably helped there. When the producers found that out, they re-tooled the show to make Tula a “better role model for girls”, i.e. less physical, less agrressive, and given relative passive nature magic powers rather than fighting prowess. Cause we can’t have girls being too tough or anything….It was a published interview with the TV execs in question, when the show first aired.”

I would love to get my hands on a copy of this interview. Wow. I’d say more but I have a headache and am not up to thinking too much right now, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, either here or via e-mail.

Also found on the Fandom Lounge community (I had a brief “holy crap” moment when I saw the domain and immediately thought of Fandom Wank, haha):

“I honestly forget where I got mine, but they appear to be here at I used to go the Andorus’s Pirates of Dark Water site for the links (which is but the site was down the last few times I tried to get on it.”

Eep. I had no idea the site’s experienced any downtime. Then again, considering that my hours are almost the opposite of everyone in the western world, where the vast majority of my hits come from, I really have no idea how well the site’s performing during the day for you (which is the middle of the night for me). Have any of you experienced prolonged or repeated periods of downtime? Please let me know–if it’s a real issue, I’ll definitely bring it up with my host.

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