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If Pirates of Dark Water were to make a comeback, what format would you like to see it in? Animated? Live action? Movie? TV series? Miniseries? And no, this wasn’t inspired by any news or anything–just my curiosity.

Comment here, or drop me a line. I’m interested to see what the fan base as a whole thinks. (My thoughts are behind the cut…)

I’m all for another animated series, or an animated film–just as long as it isn’t done in an anime or anime-derivative style. It drives me CRAZY that everything tries to incorporate some anime flavor, as if that’s the be-all-end-all of animation, which is ridiculous! There are so many excellent examples of truly superb animation outside of eastern Asia.

And I wouldn’t be up for a live action show or film, for fear that it’d receive the same treatment that so many big blockbuster comic-type franchises have received upon transitioning into film. Freaking Hollywood…

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  • I think it’d be great even just to have them play the old episodes on Adult Swim a few times through. But I’d like to see the series finished myself.

  • I’d love to see a live-action movie, but I’d only want to see it from a very small selection of directors. Namely either Peter Jackson or Guillermo… more Guillermo though as he’d be able to nail the visual style perfectly.

    My choice of actors:

    Bloth – Michael Clarke Duncan

    Ren – Gackt

    Tula – Salma Hayek

    Ioz – Danny Trejo

    Konk – Peter Dinklage & voiced by Tim Curry (no replacing that voice)

    Niddler – Voiced by Frank Welker (once again)

    (I’m going to be doing a fake movie poster at some point for fun)

    I’m not interested in them revisiting the animation mainly because they animate like crap now-a-days and the few companies that animate excellent quality movies that wouldn’t butcher it too much are either from Japan or Korea and I think that would narrow the audience considerably. Beyond that the choices are Bluth or Disney and they would murder it… so unless a new animation studio with some quality rises up…

  • Thank you for the responses. :o)

    I do disagree with one thing–not all current animation is crap. The big studios are churning out a ton of junk but there are and have been some great gems out there that aren’t so anime/Asia-heavy. It’s possible to do something good, even in this overly-commercialized day and age.

    Kind of on that train of thought, I also wouldn’t want something fully CG-realized…as much as I love visuals and computer graphics, and as much as I truly worship Pixar Animation Studios, I think that would totally rob the show of a lot of its uniqueness.

    (anyway, carry on!)

  • Certainly, and thank you for creating such a wonderful site. 🙂

    I certainly would like to know of these gems as I’m always hungry for more animations to watch.

    It seems the biggest pitfall of modern animation (and actually alot of TV, movies, and some games as well) is that they seem to make the main character cocky, annoying, and unable to learn from mistakes on purpose.

    I agree, I love CG, but it would be robbed of much at the hand of 3D.

  • I would like to see an animation remake or continuation. However, it should either be made by the original company Hanna Barbera or YTV related (or both). YTV does a pretty good job with animation.

  • Me and my friends are actually in the process of writing a script for one final “Dark Water” movie… we would animate it in Flash and see how it goes… we might divide it up if the script goes too long, but… that’s how I see it anyway, 😉

  • I’d say animated.. and perhaps a remake somewhat like certain films like the Omen and Night of the Living Dead; more or less just like the original series run..

    But this time round, they’d better finish it! haha

  • I would be terribly pleased to have them continued in traditional animation. I love seeing the art style in motion for traditional cartoons.

  • First of all, I wish they would finish the series.

    After that, they could continue in the same style. I think it’s perfect as it is. 🙂

  • First off I love that you have this site set up. I agree continue where it left off with original animation. Second choice live action film. Short list of directors, namely Scorsese. Others: Jarmusch, Coens, Cronenberg (under no circumstances let Tarantino get hold of it- i like him but and his love for anime and the like, but not for this). Somehow get Daniel-Day Lewis a role and we’re good to go. Peace

  • Also the film could begin with the closing moments of the last aired episode and merge into live action. Or start at the beginning of the story. By the way, the DVD for the series needs to come out already.

  • Animated, preferably, because then they could get away with a LOT in regards to setting, character design, creatures, etc. But only if they managed to keep the dark under/overtones of the original show.

  • Well I personally would love to see an animated version of this wonderful series done by Warner
    brothers corp. Hana & Barera are both gone {dead} now & their animation taken over by Warner Bros any ways. I think it would be a good series to run now since every thing now a days is about Pirates anyways.
    I say now is a good time as any to bring this series back to life & into the views of the public already yearning for more Pirate action! 😀

  • make the show the same way it was back in the good olde day.. or 1 verry long movie! i would pay GOOD money to see the end of a childhood series that i never got to finish! i was 10 and i feel like there is a void! haha well ill talk to ya later!

  • I think it should stay animated. I’ve only watched one episode so far and I’ve fallen in love with the characters. To see them look differently I think would take away a bit of the show even if it was just a change to live action. A movie maybe nice but I would like to see episodes. As many as it takes to finish the story.

  • I would love to see Pirates as a live action movie. Even though I do hate how Hollywood has produced some bad adaptations of comic books with over the top action and bad casting (i.e Halle Barry as Storm in X-men) Pirates of Dark Water would be great on the big screen.

    The Director: Ridley Scott, David Fincher, or James Cameron

    Ren-Paul Walker or Wentworth Miller

    Tula-Kate Beckinsale

    Ioz-Gerard Butler

    Bloth-Michael Clarke Duncun

  • Farseer Lolotea
    10 years ago

    If it were to be brought back, I’d prefer to see it animated in a similar style.

  • Well, I would LOVE something like a live action movie trilogy!!! But first I would very much like to see the last five treasures found!

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