Two things

1. If any of you have posted comments to entries before that haven’t shown up, I apologize; I manually approve all comments and must have inadvertently marked them as spam, because there was a while when I would just get waves and waves of spam messages here. I just approved what I think is the first actual legitimate comment are the first two actual legitimate comments I’ve seen (hey! thanks!), which prompted me to throw this in here. Sorry!

2. To the people who found me on Facebook: thank you for the friend requests! I do appreciate them! However, because of the incident I mentioned a couple of entries ago, right now I feel uncomfortable about adding people who I don’t know personally. This is just until this all blows over and I feel better about things (though it may be a few months, because there’s a very real chance this online incident will spill into the offline arena at Dragon*Con). I hope you understand–I’m really sorry to have to do this, and that this had to happen at all. Healthy obsessions with certain items/films/musicials/TV shows/etc. are fine. Unhealthy obsessions with people are…not fine at all.

3 Responses to “Two things

  • Some of your images through-out the site don’t seem to be working.

    I only mention it as I’m trying to get as much visual refrence for the show as possible before I tackle this fake movie poster project I want to do. The shows themselvels are of great use, but it’s hard to really examine shapes and details in finished anamations alot of the time.

    Sorry to hear about the stalking/harrasment you seem to be recieving… Stuff like that weirds me out; I’ve had simmilar experiences.

  • Whoops! Sorry about that–I haven’t really browsed through in a while, so I had no clue. Thanks for letting me know! What images are broken? Could you give me URLs?

    Are you illustrating this poster from scratch? I’m looking forward to checking it out, and I agree that it’s tough to get details from downloaded videos and screenshots sometimes. Feel free to e-mail me with specific questions and I can try to help you out, too.

    And thanks…I don’t mean to come across as some kind of attention whore by mentioning it here, either. I just want to explain why I may not be as forthcoming for a while as I usually try to be.

  • That’s alright, I run a server from the root level so I know it can be difficult keeping everything in working order.

    All the style guides for Mantus except the action poses.


    Emmy consideration Poster

    Niddler Costume

    Most of the Sega game screenshots appear corrupted

    SystemA: A handheld PoDW game.

    That’s all I’ve run across so far. There’s small tools out there that hunt down all the broken links on a site though I believe. I can hunt one down for you if you like.

    I’ll be using refrence, but it will be mostly from scratch. I’ll be using the actors I mentioned in the previous post as a basis and then inventing and adding in charater make-up details and the like. Speaking of which if you have a better suggestion for an actress for Tula please fire-away, it’s suprisingly difficult to track down fitting actresses for “ethnic” looking parts. I’ll definitely send you a copy when it’s done.

    I don’t think it really comes across that way. So no worries.

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