I just checked my stats and got about 50 fewer hits than usual today; if any of you visited and found the site was down, could you let me know what time you visited, and how long you’d estimate it was down (if you tried to come back later, etc.)? Thanks!

EDIT: I think it was the tracker that was down, not the site. But thanks, and please do continue to let me know if you do experience any prolonged downtime!

4 Responses to “Downtime?

  • Drakkenfyre
    12 years ago

    Sunday June 17th is Father’s Day in the US, a holiday, probably contributed to fewer hits.

  • I have yet to see the site have any down time, I’ll let you know if I do though.

  • Same- I havn;t noticed any downtime, but I’ll mention it if I do.

  • I knew it was Father’s Day. 😛 The only holidays where I get fewer hits to any of my sites are major ones like Christmas or the new year; the rest of the year people are still visiting. I think it was actually an issue with the tracker and not the site, but I’ve read a couple of comments on forums where people have said my site was down when they tried to access it.

    Thanks, guys!

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