DragonCon panel update

EDIT, 25july2007 11:50PM JST – the time has changed to Sunday at 5:30 PM. And for those who aren’t aware, DragonCon takes place annually in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, which is also my hometown.


It looks like the Classic Cartoons panel is currently set for Sunday at 4:00 5:30 PM. I’m still trying to get a group of panelists together and figure out exactly what topics to address, but in my limited convention experience, I feel like fan-run panels like this are best when they encourage a lot of constructive audience participation and discussion, so I’d like to see if we can do that.

Like I’ve said before, please stop by and say hi! It’d be cool to meet you guys; I know at least a few of you are planning on attending the convention, so I do hope you consider coming and taking part in this. I’ll only be at the convention for a couple of days this year, if even that, and other than hanging out with my friends who’ll be in town, this is the only thing I have planned so far. I look forward to meeting you guys there!

In other PoDW-related news, a few links:
allgame.com – general info on the Sunsoft video games.
a Ukraine-hosted blog with a post including good screencaps of the Sega game.

(There are now 22 Facebook groups related somehow to the show. Dang!)

And minor updates:
– the link to the transcript to episode 11, “The Collection,” has been corrected on the episodes page
– the link to Myrmior’s DVD cover off the fanart page has been fixed

As always, please tell me if you find any broken links on the site! Chances are I won’t know about them at all unless somebody else tells me about them.

On a personal note, please don’t expect any blog updates for a while after this–I have about a week to finish packing and shipping stuff home, then I travel for a week, then I vacate my apartment and lug my suitcases to a friend’s place for a week so I can stay to help my successor and to take part in this massive dance festival our area has in mid-August (ironically, each dance group/team is called a Ren, haha)…and then I end my time in Japan and return to the US. (Thankfully, I’ve found a job, so that’s a huge load off my shoulders, knowing that that’s waiting for me!) This week marks my two-year anniversary of moving abroad, and I’ll be done just a couple of weeks after that.

And thank you for the kind e-mails and blog comments that the “On this site and the show” generated. I totally wasn’t fishing for compliments with that, I swear! But it really is great to know that you all are so supportive of this site and of my continuing to maintain it. Thank you so much!

3 Responses to “DragonCon panel update

  • Damnit. I totally would have loved to have gone to this convention and met you, discussed PoDW adn stuff. that really would have kicked ass. where was this?
    seriously, a part of my “inner child” would have been eternally satisfied.:)
    but yeah, it certainly rules that you got to do this. and about the last blog entry, I think it rules that you still keep this site going! if it wasn’t going, there would seriously be something missing from the whole internet. anyways, take it easy.
    p.s: this is that Jesse guy you spoke to on email.

  • Yeah, I remember you! DragonCon happens in my hometown of Atlanta, over Labor Day weekend every year. And thank you. 😀

  • Gar! you’re very welcome, Smitha.

    but seriously, this is such a great site, and really does hold a place in the hearts of those of us that used to watch the show.

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