Floro Dery conceptual artwork

I’ve linked to his site for a while, and images of his are on this site already, but I just wanted to feature it again, because his work is just that awesome.

I feel like he’s posted some new work since the last time I checked, but I may have just been negligent. Anyway, I’m digging around (now that my work contract has ended and I can stay up late again, over these last few days and weeks I have left in Japan)…I really love his style. It’s so fluid and lively and expressive and fresh, and these images are over 15 years old! I think his work on Dark Water really evokes the major styles prevalent during that time, but his particular style has a flair to it that transcends trends and periodic styles.

PoDW storyboards (from Dishonor – note the captions and the characters’ names/spellings)
Tula and pirate character designs (I can’t remember if I’ve seen these Tula sketches before. I especially am amused by the pirates, because when I had a lot of time to kill at work once, I idly started cataloguing all the different background pirates, since they do make appearances in many of the episodes!)
Conceptual designs (curious as to why the URL is redtree.html…?)

Be sure to browse and check out his other work, from other animated series as well as his original pieces, in traditional and digital media.

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