Didn’t you know? You’re a loser if you love 80s-90s cartoons

(It figures–any time I post a message saying I won’t be around, I seem to find myself posting more often than usual. I still have so much left to pack and clean…hello, late-nighter!)

I love Cartoon Brew as much as the next animation fan, but damn if this isn’t patronizing as hell. Hey, guess what? Not all of us were raised on classic Disney shorts! Many twentysomethings who love animation today do so precisely because of those sorts of shows, the ones that captured our imaginations when we were young and inspired a lifelong love of animation within us that still exists today!

Now, I didn’t watch either of those shows growing up, but I did watch She-Ra, Thundercats, and many others like those. Does that somehow make me less of an animation fan because I can appreciate those, even if they aren’t works of art like the classic Disney and Fleischer toons that we didn’t have ready exposure to growing up?

The fact that they would draw attention to the guy’s weight and accent as part of their mock of the situation is sickening to me. What does it matter if he’s an overweight Hispanic man? There’s no excuse for that.

I do agree that the vast majority of made-for-TV animation today is just crap compared to that of the past. Very few series are truly imaginative and inspire kids in quite the same way as animation of previous decades has. (She-Ra was my role model in elementary school. I didn’t know a single girl who didn’t adore her, and today, the only girls I know who aren’t fans are ones who weren’t allowed to watch cartoons as kids. I can’t think of a single current show outside of Avatar: The Last Airbender that has achieved that same sort of widespread impact.) But the author could have made that same point without resorting to such cheap and offensive tactics such as this. This blog is very Disney-heavy, and I’ve been put off by that air of condescension before, but it’s never been quite this bad.

4 Responses to “Didn’t you know? You’re a loser if you love 80s-90s cartoons

  • haha.
    hmmm. yeah. same with movies…
    I am in no way saying that the 80’s/90’s cartoons weren’t, like, “good cartoons” in a sense…a sense of like…idk…production or whatever. but one point to be made is like…some of us just appreciate stuff that is weird, and out there. it may not be like, “4 stars” or really critically acclaimed, but we still love it because it is kick ass to us.
    the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino said something about films, about what inspired him and Robert Rodrieguez to make Grindhouse, were crappy horror flicks. he said something I can’t quite remember, but it started with “If you can’t appreciate good trash, then…” so yeah. and im not saying these cartoons we like are trash, just they may not be as “critically acclaimed” and have like, super-good production, but we still love them. because they’re fun and hold a place in our hearts.

  • I see what you mean, because I like shitty movies like Pet Sematary 2, and (dare I say it?) Street Fighter. now I forgot what else I was going to say haha. but yeah.
    they’re not films to shock a century, but they’re fun. they’re enjoyable. and yeah.

    this one guy was talking about the film Street Fighter…and he said he loved it as a kid, but “didn’t exactly know a good movie from a bad movie” at that time. I mean, is it like, there’s an actual factor that determines a good movie from a bad movie other than if you enjoyed it or not? seriously. the people that bitch about films and cartoons sucking and stuff are peopel that bitch about anything that is short of being “phenomenal” in that kind of sense. seriously.

  • I agree completely. The snobbery of the so called “old timers” really gets to me sometimes.

  • On another note, I think you wight get a kick out of this.


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