Whew. Was it just me or was it a lot more crowded than it was three years ago? It didn’t help that there was a new fire marshal who kept closing off the Hyatt because too many people were inside, either, and that we now had three hotels to navigate between for all the tracks and merchandise, instead of the usual two, in part because of construction at the Marriott. I honestly felt really overwhelmed by the sheer mass of people, especially after two years of being away from all that, but I still had a good time, though right now I don’t think I’ll be attending again next year.

(Out of curiosity, without searching online or through books, do any of you know how many moons the gas giant Yavin has? This was the single hardest question that came up during Star Wars trivia, and guess who got it?)

The Classic Cartoon panel went all right–I kind of felt like I had to fight to say much, and I was a little sleepy, but I think it went all right (when I introduced myself, I got a smattering of applause for mentioning PoDW, haha), and I hope everyone enjoyed it! The panel was the same time as the Star Wars Masquerade and a few other big events, so our crowd was a bit small, but that seems to be the way most of the animation panels at DragonCon go.

I went looking for a bootleg DVD copy of The Saga Begins so I could grab stuff from it for the site, because I know I saw vendors in the dealer’s room selling it in DVD format the last time I was here. It turns out that one vendor, On The Run Video, will have a DVD in time for DragonCon next year, and you can order it from their website–but not yet. (Or actually…was it TSB, or was it the Dark Water miniseries? Crap, I’m forgetting…either way, though, good news!) They had all 21 episodes of PoDW on sale at their table, but for whatever reason, that isn’t on their site. (It’s the same vendor, though, because I did buy all of SwatKATS: The Radical Squadron (!!) from them and the DVD cover on the website is the same as what I have. I can e-mail them about it.) A few other vendors had all 21 episodes available (and featured prominently), too. But once again, these are bootleg DVDs. The show has not been released officially on any medium within the last decade.

Okay, that’s it for now…happy Labor Day to any American visitors!

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