Spam filter issues

I’ve realized recently that my webmail spam filter has tagged several legitimate messages from you guys as spam. I’ve caught some, but there are nearly 1000 unread messages in there and I may have missed others. If you mailed me and haven’t received a response, please comment here with your message, or try mailing me again with a more descriptive subject line. If this continues, I may set up a Gmail account and forward all my mail through there, since the spam filter there is much better.

A tip: do not start your subject with “hello.” That seems to have been something my spam filter considers suspicious.

And once again, sorry for not putting stuff up–people have mailed me some neat stuff lately, but now that I have a job requiring me to stare at a computer all day, it’s hard to make myself do it at home! It’ll all go up eventually. Many thanks to you all who’ve mailed me scans/photos/other content, and as always, thanks to everyone who takes the time to send me an e-mail at all! It’s really awesome to know that people still care enough about this show to want to make themselves heard one way or another.

One Response to “Spam filter issues

  • hey,
    for some reason i haven’t been able to find your email address…
    anyway, jus wanted to say that i love the site and its great that you keepin ”the memory alive” even though the show has long been over.

    ps. me never thought you were a guy – saw the pic and you pretty cute 🙂

    -Calvin (South Africa)

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