Heritage Auctions and PoDW production art

I first found out about Heritage Auctions through cels they’d put up for auction on eBay (strange that an auction site would put their items on another auction site, but maybe it was for the extra advertisement; it worked, in this case!). Through a random search, I came back to their site and saw that they have several dozen pieces of animation artwork currently for auction at the moment, in batches of two or three (usually the actual cel plus its accompanying clean-up animation drawing, but sometimes with an extra cel as well). If you’re interested in collecting animation art from PoDW, this seems to be the place to be. They seem to have consistently been selling PoDW animation art for a while now.

(If the direct link to the PoDW listings doesn’t work, go to ha.com and search under Comics and then Animation Art.)


Oh, yeah! As an update to the previous post, I got in touch with Alex, the Super Toy Archive webmaster (and a pretty big PoDW fan himself). He has a Hasbro catalog with images of the discontinued second line, which dispels several rumors that have been floating around: the biggest one is that there was never a Tula action figure. Even in this second line, they didn’t make one, which I think is surprising and also incredibly stupid. (Hello? Main character? So what if she’s a girl?) He’s offered to scan the pages in the next few weeks–I’m definitely eager to check those out and I’ll be sure to post them here.

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