Fanfic and a lot of links

“Noooo!” I can hear some of you wailing, upon the mention of the dreaded f_____ word. Well, that’s kind of all we have left, and people are still writing!

The first is a new upload, the first new story there in over two years–it’s the beginning of a story set in the future of the PoDW universe. A crew of three rescues a stranger struggling on a raft…only to find that he’s Ren, the son of Primus, who’s failed in finding the final five Treasures of Rule and passes the Compass and the Quest on to this new group with his dying breath. I rather liked the Ren/Primus parallel.

The second is the product of a fanfic challenge, and is an in-progress series of short pieces rooted in an alternate universe: what if, after episode 5, Tula had joined up with Bloth, in order to learn his plans and to keep him away from Ren? Some of these short pieces (friends-locked on her journal, but public on the fanfic community where I originally found this) have a decidedly adult twist to them…as a woman aboard a pirate ship, certain sacrifices have to be made. I haven’t read them all yet, but I’ve liked the ones I’ve seen so far.

And the third is a cute play on Ren’s lovely looks, gorgeous blue eyes, and long locks of blonde hair–“Dude Looks Like A Lady”.

Oh, and another old one (from 2000, yikes): Dark Water in Neverland, a PoDW/Peter Pan and the Pirates crossover, done in round-robin format.

It’s also time to start posting some of this huge backlog of links I’ve been bookmarking for a very, very long time. (For the “omgwtf you obsessive scary woman” naysayers, I don’t spend hours a day scouring the web for this stuff…I find a new link every couple of months, bookmark it, and forget about it.) I think I’ve posted the really awesome stuff immediately, but there are still a few gems. Apologies if any of these have been posted already!

Fanart links:
PoDW sprites – just a few. I’m unclear as to where they’re from. They’re tiny but cute!
Slightly creepy image of Niddler, which was exactly what the artist was going for.
Excellent image of the crew – I can’t remember if I’ve linked to this already or not.
Ren fanart and a blog entry in one, on a Portuguese site. Cool stuff!
Nice line art of Tula, in a redesigned outfit.
Awesome modern digitally painted piece of the crew battling the Darkdweller (who looks more menacing here than he ever did in the show). Very nicely done!
Cute marker sketch of Tula.
Digitally painted sketch of Ren, based off the official HB lineart. Very nice painting job.
Adorable sketch of the monkeybird queen and one of the artist’s original characters.

Fan-made DVDs:
(disclaimer: I do not in any way vouch for the quality of any of these sites. And these are all FAN-MADE so the quality WILL NOT be professional.) – filed under P. $30 for five DVD-Rs of the show
Russian download/order site – I unfortunately can’t tell you more than that since I can’t read the site. It gives you a few options for formats.
Kristy’s Video Bargains – 5 DVDs, $24.99. classifieds – 5 DVDs, $29.99 (nice case art and box). classifieds – 2 DVDs, $10. I believe they’re Region 1 only.

PoDW cast/crew:
Andrew Glavina – has a few Bloth sketches under “animation.”
Jake Yago – worked on PoDW for Fil-Cartoons in the Philippines. He has one PoDW sketch.

General info:
SNES game info – character stats, moves, traps, opponents, tips, etc. – a few screencaps, synopsis of the show, the usual.
An essay on a Bulgarian website about the show–I believe it’s by Nenko (the most active Bulgarian fan online that I know of!).
Bare-bones Polish profile.
SNES and Sega game info, though it kind of mixes both the game descriptions into one.
Ukranian site(?) with Sega game screencaps.
Entertainment Weekly review of various Saturday morning cartoons, including PoDW. No idea when this was written–I’m guessing at least a decade ago–because it lists PoDW as its “best bet,” in the present/future tense. – Dutch website with a profile on the show. (Apparently it was only released in the Netherlands in 1996.)
Spanish-language site with a lot of info on the show…and links to wallpaper and video game downloads from this site, almost like a Spanish mirror site. Heh!

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  • Woman aboard a pirate ship? Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense, does it? 😉 I recall pirates actually barred women from coming on board because they’d start fighting over the women.

    It’s funny how unrealistic mixed-sex groups in the premodern era are, when you think about it.

  • Hi! I’m a french fan since 1996 and I’m very glad to see that this cartoon is still alive in the heart of so many fans. You do a great job on this website, keep on working;-)

  • Really glad to see that you’ve updated the site, Smitha. congrads on the stuff you have found. 🙂

  • hello, it’s a cartoon! not to mention there’s only 2 guys aboard that pirate ship. and, they make regular stops at islands. lol.

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