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Thanks to Nathan for alerting me to this, and sorry I didn’t post it earlier (I was out of town and fell pretty sick while I was traveling, so I’ve been out of commission for over a week).

A guy by the name of Soetermans took it upon himself to make some major edits to PoDW Wikipedia site, deleting a lot of stuff he (and he alone) claimed doesn’t belong on Wikipedia. I think the admins intervened in the favor of the regular maintainers, but a lot of content that was once there is gone. If you have the inclination and time and aren’t averse to editing Wikipedia (some people think that’s the height of geekiness, but I think it embodies the original intent and ideals of the World Wide Web in many ways), please take a few moments to head over and add in whatever info you’re willing.

Oh, and a note to the guy who insisted in the Discussion tab (sorry, I’m not a frequent contributer and am not up on my Wiki-jargon) that Frank Welker is the only voice actor for Niddler: actually, he isn’t. I have VHS copies to prove that Roddy McDowall did do the original voice, and I swear I’ll digitize them soon so everyone can see! (Not that I’m complaining about having a social life…it just makes my online presence more incidental and less regular.)

Maybe I’ll ride this wave of guilt over letting this website just sit here and rot, and go back to my parents’ place, pick up my copies of the VHS tapes, and go to our local Indian grocery and see about having them converted. I’ve been eyeing DVD-burner/VHS decks, too, so I can just do it myself. And TVs, because those are also kind of important. ;P It’s been really nice living a TV-free existence, though I’d only be using it for movies and basic channels (reloading and searching for streaming webcasts of local weather when under a tornado warning is not ideal! But for Atlantans, does have one). I’ll figure something out soon. And maybe I’ll spend a weekend just catching up on website updates…it’s so hard when the weather’s so beautiful, though.

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  • Some of the lost content can be retrieved by digging through the page histories. Some of the additional pages are deleted however so that’s going to take some work to put back online.

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to reiterate what you said about Roddy McDowall and Frank Welker voicing Niddler. When “Dark Water” premeiered on FOX as a 5-part mini series, Roddy McDowall did indeed voice Niddler. When the series was picked up by ABC the following season, the inital 5-part miniseries was re-aired, and Frank Welker came into the studio and dubbed over Roddy McDowall, who declined the invite to continue the role (after his money demands were turned down). From Episodes 6 – 13 of season 1 and the remaining 8 for Season 2, Frank Welker continued in the role.

    You probably already know all of this, but I worked at the Studio during this period and have a VERY good memory of all that happened.


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