Input needed: renaming the site!

All right…as part of my move to bill myself as a web professional, I’m striving to present a (marginally) less geeky facade online, and to associate all online content with my real name. As a result, I’m moving away from using the name “Andorus” as an alias wherever possible–and that includes renaming my websites. “Andorus’s Hideaway” is (for now) simply, but will eventually be changed to something else.

Andorus’s Pirates of Dark Water Page,” though…I have no clue.

So, I’d like you all to tell me! What do you think would be a good new name for the site? I’d like something kind of classy, obviously related to the show, but not too over-the-top or contrived. I suck at naming stuff on my own, so any and all input would be appreciated! This site also wouldn’t exist in its current state if not for the contributions (and words of moral support) from several thousand of you all over the years, so it’s only fair to include you in the decision-making process.

Please comment here, or send me an e-mail. Thank you so much in advance!

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  • abyss111
    11 years ago

    Entirely depends on what your trying to put together.

    Is it a collect of all your sites, or just P.O.D.W related?

  • Sorry, I thought the entry made that clear, but in rereading it, I can see how you might be confused. This is just for this site, the PoDW one.

  • DarthPez
    11 years ago

    For renaming the site, it’s still kind of geeky, but maybe you could use a location from the show for the site’s name, since this site is a location on the internet. “The Abbey of Galdebar” or “The Port of Pandawa”.

    If you don’t want to use names from the show, maybe something that alludes to its content like “Thirteen Treasures” would work. Since this site is the only one I know of with such original content, and has lasted so long (12 years is like forever on the internet) “Safe Haven from Dark Water” fits in my opinion.

  • Hmmmm . . . how about “The Alien World of Mer”?

  • This took awhile…
    The 7 Seas of Mer
    Bloth and Company
    Travels of a Renegade Pirate
    Octopon Vintage

  • Thanks so much for the suggestions!

    Pez–haha, 12 years IS kind of a long time for the web. And in general–I started this site when I was 15 and I’ll be 27 in a few weeks. I hadn’t really thought much about referencing locations like that–I’ll keep that in mind.

    Cas–those are pretty original; Octopon Vintage in particular is pretty interesting. 🙂 Thanks for putting so much thought into it.

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