Attn: Atlantan and North Georgian fans

For anyone who was wondering, I will not be attending DragonCon this year. I’m done with DragonCon–it was too huge and badly managed last year, and I can’t deal with such massive crowds packed into such small spaces (the convention’s grown far too large for its host hotels)…and I think I’ve mellowed out in my geekiness much more so than the standard convention-goer. DragonCon always ends up leaving me stressed and worn out.

However, a friend and I will be checking out the parade on Saturday. That should at least be interesting–I really admire people who have a talent for crafting such intricate costumes.

Ioanna, a fellow North Georgia PoDW fan, proposed a suggestion this week: would any Atlantan/north Georgian PoDW fans be interested in an in-person group meetup? Over the years I’ve met a few other fans–friends I made through the site, fellow Georgia Tech students, or people I talked with who happened to live in cities I visited. But in all these years, a group meetup never crossed my mind. One of the goals I had for this site was to attempt to connect PoDW fans, and I haven’t done a great job of that (though granted, it’s tough with a slightly obscure show that’s been “dead” for this long), but this is a more tangible way of going about it.

If you’re interested, drop me a line or comment here! Be sure to leave your e-mail address or something so I have some way of reaching you.

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  • Awww, shucks. Sucks to hear you won’t be doing it anymore. Hope the meetup goes well, Andorus, and hope you’re taking care. ~Long Live the Adventure.

  • The evolution of your MySpace profile name has been fun to watch. 😉 Thanks for checking in! I’ve hit a few rough patches but am all right on the whole–hope you’re well, too.

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