Still not an update…yet

I have finally finished my graduate school applications (YAY!) and have free time to pursue personal projects again–including this site!

This is where I turn to you. I have two broad questions, and I really would appreciate if all of you could take a few minutes to answer these, either in the comments or by e-mailing me.

What do you want to see on this site? It could be something I’ve been promising to add for a long time (there are many such things) or something totally new.

Are there any questions you have about any aspect of the show that the site doesn’t already cover? (Besides “how was the show supposed to end?” because that question doesn’t have an answer. :P) Questions on characters, merchandise, plot, production…anything at all.

And general feedback is always welcome–what you like, what you don’t like, what’s broken, what rocks your world, and so on. (I just realized today that there are a ton of broken links in the image navigation section…ooops.)

As always, thank you for your feedback and your constant patience and support! I truly appreciate it!

Oh! As a quick addendum to the previous post, about racism in Avatar…it looks like Jesse McCartney is out as Prince Zuko in Shyamalan’s* Avatar film (THANK GOODNESS), and Slumdog Millionaire‘s Dev Patel is in. Though I really liked Patel in Slumdog, this still isn’t good enough, because it’s like they’re trying to appease the protestors by throwing in one token dark-skinned dude somewhere, and the good guys are still white and the (ambiguously) bad guy’s still a minority…and not even the right minority, since the Fire Nation is very obviously East Asian! Not to mention, pretty much the only other way you’ll see minorities in these films are in the form of extras with no lines. (Check out this appallingly ignorant statement from the casting director of the film. Since when do Koreans wear kimono? Oh, wait, but they all look alike, so nobody cares, right?)

* if you reference M. Night Shyamalan in your comments on this site, please do me a favor and don’t mock his name just because it’s “strange.” As unhappy as I am with his decisions as of late, both our last names are of Tamil origin and we both hail from the same region of southern India, so his name is no stranger than mine is. I cringe any time I see “Shamalamadingdong” or any variant thereof because it reminds me of all the times people either accidentally or intentionally butcher my name or just don’t feel like trying to get it right.

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  • Steven Rhodes
    13 years ago

    One note on desired content, the remainder of the HB Style-Guides would certainly rock! As well as a pitch for a possible Fanart section. For those many fans that would like to display their work. Personally, as a aspiring Video Game Developer, I have a particular interest in the possibility of a new game! I’ve got thousands of ideas, but would like to include as many REAL elements from the show as possible. It’s just a shame it would still only be half the story… ( Cliffhanger from hell!! )

  • Steven–thanks for the comment! A friend of mine in Seattle owns the HB style guides, and has slowly but surely been scanning and sending those to me. (We actually started chatting when I e-mailed him after he outbid me on the eBay auction for these guides, haha.) I’ll see if I can bug and/or bribe him to scan them any faster. 😉

    As for fanart–there have actually been fanfic and fanart sections for many years! Check out the “Fans” link to check out the By The Fans section. 🙂

    Good luck with your game planning–did you have a specific platform in mind?

  • Since I found your site, I’ve been sketching out (literally and textually) ideas for the completion of the storyline…and I’m beginning to think that if I could buy the rights to PoDW from Warner Brothers, I could publish a manga. I don’t know how much they would ask for said rights, though. A few thousand dollars? I don’t have that much at the moment, though. I wonder if a PayPal fund with contributions from other PoDW fans would work. (Assuming, of course, they like the directions I’m going with the story! ^.^;;)

  • EDIT: Sorry, the URL in my comment was incorrect. I’ve also updated said URL with extensive notations about how I’d rewrite/finish PoDW. Feel free to read it if you’re interested! I don’t know if Smitha is OK with lots of comments about it being posted here, so please send them to my G-mail address, .

  • ANOTHER EDIT: Gah, I fail at HTML coding! My G-mail address is “aasterling”.

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